Corporate Wellness & Luxury Spa and Resort Consulting

Corporate Wellness Consulting

Lunch and Learns

For local Las Vegas businesses, Samantha is available for brief lunch and learns on any wellness, productivity, or stress reduction topic.

Executive /Management Presentations

Samantha can customize a 45 minute to 3 hour presentation for busy executives on topics that can reduce stress and increase productivity.

More Topic Ideas

Employee Training

Samantha was in Sales and Marketing Management for over 10 years, prior to consulting and speaking. She has more than 20 years of experience training employees on a variety of topics.

Wellness Consultations

Samantha can spend time around your company and speaking to employees to help shape a more wellness focused environment. Increasing employee satisfaction, increasing productivity, and reducing turnover.

Executive /Management Retreats

Samantha has been organizing Luxury Wellness Retreats around the world for over 10 years. She is available for everything from speaking at your event to organizing the entire thing.

About Samantha

Samantha has been in a variety of industries. She reached her professional goals becoming an executive making six-figures a year in her mid-twenties. She bought her first home at 25, and semi retired at 28. Then she decided she wanted more in her life and went on sabbatical. Discovering meditation and a completely different way to think, be, and live.

Luxury Spa and Resort Consulting

Wellness Consulting

Samantha can consult on and train your staff on a variety of topics:



Stress Reduction

Hiking & Activities

Lucid Dreaming



Retreats & their Guests

Spa Techniques

Low expense ways to bring in more wellness teachers

Wellness Community Meals

The luxury wellness clientele can be very picky about their food. Long gone are the days you could feed a Vegan an iceberg lettuce salad with carrots. Samantha can provide you with amazing healthy wellness community approved recipes that all your clients will love.

Employee Training

Samantha will create custom training programs for your staff and work around your unique schedule getting them trained. She will also ensure your Management team has the tools to train all future employees.

Employee & Guest Retreats

Samantha can create a retreat for your employees, and consult on guests that attend wellness retreats.

If Samantha loves your staff and property she might even schedule one of her upcoming retreats at your location.

Reiki Training

Samantha has trained and certified hundreds of spa employees to be Reiki Practitioners. She has experience working around your staff's schedules making sure everyone gets trained, and will choose a few gifted employees to learn to train future employees so you don't have to fly her out each time someone new is hired.

More About Samantha

Samantha has been a luxury spa customer for over 15 years, and a spa consultant for over 8 years. She has a unique combination of experience, connections, and training to consult every area of your Luxury Spa & Resort.

Samantha's Bio

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If you are an International Potential Client

Send Samantha an email and through email and we can arrange a Whatsapp, Facetime, or Skype call to discuss your needs.

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By Appointment /Contract Only
Samantha only accepts a few consulting clients at a time, and only one International Spa and Resort Consulting Client at a time. Once you are an active client Samantha is available to respond to your emails, texts, Whatsapp messages in and out of normal business hours.