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Energy Vortex in the Andes Mountains Overlooking a Beautiful Lake

This amazing retreat has so many wonderful opportunities for you to find yourself and feed your soul.

You'll arrive at My Sacha Ji greeted by locals dedicated to helping you heal and reach deep in to your soul to find the peace you are craving. Every activity Samantha has scheduled is an included option. So, you can listen to your heart and be wherever you know you should be.

10 rooms sells out this entire luxurious boutique wellness eco-friendly lodge and retreat.

August 3 - 10, 2019

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The Wellness Retreat


Healing your mind.

Meditation will be the focus of this amazing experience. We'll learn to meditate by sampling a variety of styles until everyone finds the style that brings them peace.


Healing your body.

A gentle Yoga class for all ages and levels will be offered daily to help heal your body, relax your mind, and feed your soul. You can also reserve spa treatments (not included) to provide your body with the most beneficial experience.

Gourmet Vegan Food

Healing your very soul.

When you eat clean and healthy your entire being feels better. The fresh food is grown on site in an all organic garden that uses filtered rain water to help grow. The Vegan gourmet chef will help you see eating Vegan does not have to be a repeat of boring salads.

Peaceful Rooms

Healing you.

Sleep and time to relax alone is important to heal your body, mind, and spirit. You'll make yourself at home with an amazing view, soft beds, even your own poncho for chilly nights. Each private room can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Spiritual Lessons

Healing you can bring home.

There will be several lessons and workshops daily to feed your brain the wellness knowledge it craves. From natural healing herbs to how to keep your feeling of bliss after you go home.


This retreat is all about you. Take the time to pamper yourself. You answer to no one. You can book appointments in the spa (not included), sit in the hot tub, dip in the polar pool for hydrotherapy, relax in a hammock, read a book, or attend anything on the retreat schedule.

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About Your Retreat Guide


You are in wonderful healing hands on this retreat. Your retreat guide, Samantha, has been blessing and guiding people through their own wellness path for over 12 years. She currently speaks in Las Vegas as a motivational speaker, wellness consultant, life and spiritual coach, meditation teacher, and she leads wellness retreats around the world. She's been a life long student of all world religions, and a passionate advocate of meditation.

Samantha's healing journey has lead her around the world. She was blessed as a Buddhist monk in Vietnam. She studied and practiced ancient Shamanism in Guatemala. She's been trained and certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra in Meditation, Yoga, and Hinduism. With over 8 Yoga teacher certifications she's taught over 5,000 hours of Yoga and practiced Yoga with some of the greatest teachers today: Rodney Yee, John Friend, Seane Corn, Clair Diab, Maty Ezraty, and more. Samantha attuned, trained and certified hundreds of healers in the Japanese natural healing art of Reiki. She's even studied EFT and has an honors degree in Psychology.

Come to South America and feel the difference of being as close as you can to the powerful sun, while Samantha and the locals harness four of earth's precious elements (earth, fire, water, and wind) and the ancient spirits from all four directions (north, east, south, and west) to find your peace, balance, and harmony within.

My SachaJi

This is a truly blessed land. Passed through generations nestled in the Northern Andes in Ecuador. The current owners wanted to create a comfortable healing place of wellness for everyone without polluting the lands.

Nestled in an energetic vortex it is easy to find healing the moment you step on the land. They grow the food you will eat on site, and feed it with sun closest to the equator, and filtered water from the sky. Solar energy and natural heating make this a perfect place to completely unplug and find balance with nature.

Only 8 Rooms Remaining (Updated Oct 14th)

Wellness Retreat Rates

Retreat rates are per person and include breakfast, your room, and all activites included in the retreat. Additional meals and taxes are not included. Contact us to secure your space and receive a link to the payments page. Payment options available. Hold your space for $1,000 USD non-refundable deposit. Your room reservation and payments to date can be transferred to a friend or family member if you can not attend.

Only 8 Rooms Remaining (Updated Oct 14th)


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Only 10 rooms sells out this boutique hotel.

This retreat will sell out fast. There are only 8 rooms remaining.

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