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Motivational Speaker

Samantha has been changing lives for over 12 years. Her experience, story telling ability and personality makes every event informative, fun, and memorable. Click below for more information on hiring the top Wellness Motivational Speaker in Las Vegas.

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Corporate Wellness & Luxury Spa Consultant

Samantha has been creating custom training programs for employees of Luxury Spas and & Resorts worldwide. Click below for information about receiving a quote from the leading expert  Wellness Consultant Las Vegas.

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Life Coach & Meditation Teacher

Changing lives through guidance, meditation, and experience. Click below to find out why Samantha is considered the best Meditation Life Coach in Summerlin and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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About Samantha


At the core of every one of Samantha's programs is meditation. It's the key to everything, and the strongest foundation to getting out of your own way to find happiness. Samantha has taught meditation to thousands of people. Her private clients have included top executives and business owners from around the world.


Samantha has educated herself to the top of her field. She has trained with an impressive list of experts including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many more.

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Proven Guidance

Samantha has been guiding people through life's surprises for over 12 years. Each client receives completely custom step by step guidance to achieve their goals and dreams.


Christy C.

"I met Samantha on a yoga hike, and it turned out to be so much more.   She helped me get my life back in order through meditation training.   She's been my mentor through being single with low self esteem to a  fully functioning wife and a new mom to a micro preemie in Nicu and I'm  still sane.  :)  Thank you Samantha for teaching me to keep all my  pieces together."

Joel B.

"Samantha has educated herself to a top tier knowledge level in her field.

Fine people skills!!"

Jacqueline H.

"Working with Samantha has truly been a blessing.  At first I just did  yoga with her.  I was enlightened by her lessons; she gave me  experiences that I had never had before.  I became a loyal student and  took many of her classes.  When I did try a different instructor it  wasn't the same.  I fell in love with being a Yogi.  She then invited me  to a meditation workshop and it opened my eyes.  My life had completely  turned around.  I suggest meditation to everyone and Samantha’s  workshops as well."

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Cover of World of Wellness Magazine

Autumn 2010

in the Decoding Deepak Movie


Cover of World of Wellness Magazine

Spring 2013

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