Motivational Speaker to the Rescue

Did Your Big Event Lose a Speaker?

Welcome to Las Vegas. You would not believe how many people no show or cancel their speaking engagements at the last minute. It happens so often I've included this additional page dedicated to it. With a quick addition of your company's information these presentations are ready to go asap.

Handouts and gift giveaways can be ready too depending on your urgency and budget.

Need a Speaker ASAP?

Ready to Go Presentations

Finding Peace: Stress Reduction at Work

It’s time to break up with stress. Learn to recognize your stress triggers and learn what to do with them. An easy step by step guide to reducing stress and finding that peace you crave in the workplace.

Getting Out of Your Own Way: Steps Toward Happiness & Reaching Your Goals

 There is a scientific formula that was created to understand happiness. The formula defines three things that determine your level of happiness. We'll learn what those three things are, how to recognize and overcome your own obstacles and barriers toward happiness, and key steps to reaching your goals. 

7 Days of Lessons to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress can seem like an overwhelming task. Learn 21 easy to follow steps that you can spread out over seven days. Working toward staying in the present moment, letting go, and finding the path of least resistance. No hippie woo woo, just pure simple steps everyone can follow. Based upon Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Some Free Giveaways

To keep your attendees engaged and happy Samantha will bring gifts for participation. At some events every attendee will walk away with a free gift. (Depending on your event, budget, and attendee count.) The most popular gift is her luxury hot/cold eye mask. It comes with a protective pouch and a removable washable cover.

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Samantha also has good local relationships with printers, other speakers, and the local wellness community. So reach out if you are in a bind. We'll see what we can do to point you in the right direction.

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