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In Samantha's 20+ years of speaking, she has given hundreds of presentations and trained thousands of employees. She works one on one privately with some of the top executives in the world. She can also create a completely customized session for your group of 3 to 3,000,000.

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Some Current Topics of Interest

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Finding Peace: Stress Reduction at Work

It’s time to break up with stress. Learn to recognize your stress triggers and learn what to do with them. An easy step by step guide to reducing stress and finding that peace you crave in the workplace.

Getting Out of Your Own Way: Steps Toward Happiness and Reaching Your Goals

There is a scientific formula that was created to understand happiness. The formula defines three things that determine your level of happiness. We'll learn what those three things are, how to recognize and overcome your own obstacles and barriers toward happiness, and key steps to reaching your goals.

7 Days of Lessons to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress can seem like an overwhelming task. Learn 21 easy to follow steps that you can spread out over seven days. Working toward staying in the present moment, letting go, and finding the path of least resistance. No hippie woo woo, just pure simple steps everyone can follow. Based upon Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.

The Journey is the Destination

Sometimes we get so focused on reaching a goal, that we forget to enjoy the moments along the way. Setting a goal and working hard to reach that goal is admirable, but the key to a life time of happiness is learning how to savor each moment in the journey. Learn key reminders and easy to follow steps to enjoying your journey through life.

The Science of Meditation: The What, the Why, and the How

Learning to meditate can seem intimidating. Let's keep it simple, remove all the fluff, and stick to the scientifically proven facts about Meditation. We'll view meditation through the lens of proven science. What is meditation? Why should I meditate? And we'll practice several styles of mediation so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Any Custom Topic

As a top professional motivational speaker, professional hypnotist, wellness consultant, and inspirational speakers in Summerlin and Las Vegas Samantha can design any presentation or custom topic for your group. Popular categories include:



Stress Reduction


Increasing Productivity

Reaching Your Goals

Personal Development

Employee Retention

Building Trust in Your Team

Professional Development

 and more

Samantha is also available for private Executive Retreats.

Hypnosis: Letting Go (Relax Even When the Future is Unknown)

"I  hope you enjoy this video. I created this hypnosis to assist a client struggling with relaxing even when the future is unknown. Helping them find peace, trust in their decision making, and enhance their relationships by learning to let go." Blessings, Samantha

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Samantha can custom write any session for your group. The topics above are just samples. Call or email today and Samantha can start preparing for your event.

She only accepts a couple of speaking engagements a month. So, call her soon and get on her calendar before someone else does.

She also, has several strong connections with local print shops and the wellness community. Let her know if you need referrals around town.

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Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, United States

(617) 420-CALM (2256)


By Appointment /Contract Only

With enough notice Samantha can be available for speaking engagements any time or day of the week.


Christy C.

"I met Samantha on a mini-wellness day retreat, and it turned out to be so much more.   She helped me get my life back in order through meditation training.   She's been my mentor through being single with low self esteem to a  fully functioning wife and a new mom to a micro preemie in Nicu and I'm  still sane.  :)  Thank you Samantha for teaching me to keep all my  pieces together."

Joel B.

"Samantha has educated herself to a top tier knowledge level in her field.

Fine people skills!!"

Jacqueline H.

"Working with Samantha has truly been a blessing.  At first I just did  yoga with her.  I was enlightened by her lessons; she gave me  experiences that I had never had before.  I became a loyal student and  took many of her classes.  When I did try a different instructor it  wasn't the same.  I fell in love with being a Yogi.  She then invited me  to a meditation workshop and it opened my eyes.  My life had completely  turned around.  I suggest meditation to everyone and Samantha’s  workshops as well."