Customer Testimonials


Meditation Workshop Letters/Emails

"This workshop is a realistic introduction to meditation that makes it something that can be achieved. I used to be intimidated by the concept of meditation, now I practice it! Thanks for making this achievable!"

"Sam, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your meditation workshop. It's obvious that you have studied and practiced the subject with enthusiasm!! Meditation has become a very positive component in my life as it helps me relax my mind and relieve stress. I think your class is a definite must for anyone that pays attention to their health and well being.   Thank you very much,"

"...just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your two-part class!!! You are in my thoughts & dreams more than you could ever imagine..."

"My meditation journey has been breath-taking and I have felt a definite connection with my inner-self. Although I have not been able to encounter a 30 minute space or gap in time (except for once while I was waiting for... begin last Wednesday morning!) 10 minute increments several times daily are do-able...It means a world of difference to me knowing that you care enough to see me embark on this new journey. The words of showing appreciation cannot convey what I feel in my heart & soul, yet I must close this note with a BIG THANK-YOU!!!!XOXO"



Group Class Letters/Emails

"Samantha- just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your classes at Gold's.  I used to do yoga regularly and got out of the habit with the intense training I was involved in for cycling/racing.  I had forgotten how much I loved it and how much my body benefits from it.  Now that I am pregnant, I have enjoyed getting back into it.  It has been wonderful stress reduction and a reminder to breathe!  Thanks for your time and attention, and for helping me remember why I love yoga!  Best, ..."

"...Wow, the last class was quite a workout. I think u count slow :) ..." (Re: Power Yoga Class)

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on my experiences in class... After 20+ years of biking with poor posture and not stretching, I developed a herniated disc in my lower back. It's been 6 weeks or so of your yoga, pilates, and my PT's exercises and I'm already feeling improved core strength and flexibility. I'm going to challenge myself to see how far I can progress.... Your classes are a lot fun and you are an awesome instructor."

"...I will be using what I learned in your classes to keep up with my balance and toning..."

"...Thanks for the great class tonight. I am happy that you are growing and sharing your wonderful new insights with us..."

"...I recently took one of your yoga classes at Gold's about two weeks ago on a Thursday eve. What a great experience as I am fairly new to Yoga..."

"...I want to let you know how much I enjoy your classes and how good I feel afterwards. I think the stretching is more important to me than the weights and cardio. I'm not as flexible as I used to be so it is of great value to me..."