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Welcome. I believe the key to success on our path together is to find steps that fit you as an individual. Suggesting small adjustments that gently guide you to discovering, achieving, and fulfilling your dreams. Each step of the way is specific toward your needs and desires. Please feel free to browse the website and email or call me with any questions you have. We can get started when the time is right for you. ~Samantha


Wellness Tools

For those who have been helped by what you have affectionately named my "magic wand." Here is a link to purchase one for you and your family. The specific one I use is called the "AMwand Black Tip." Click for a full selection of wellness tools available


Reduce Stress with Meditation Therapy

Reduce stress, increase your immune system, calm your mind and learn to control your thoughts with private meditation therapy sessions. Science has proven meditation has many benefits & learning to meditate with a personal guide creates a safe and comfortable experience. For more information read our meditation page or contact Samantha.


Mind, Body, & Spirit

Yoga means "yoke" or "union", most commonly referred to as the unity between mind, body, & spirit. Samantha prefers to define spirit as the part of you where all actions or feelings come directly from your heart or a place of love and caring. She focuses on creating love within the hearts of her students.

"Relaxing and calming the mind, bringing the body into a healthier place, and filling our spirit with love all in one hour... what a beautiful thing." ~Samantha, Yoga Desires



Changing favorite foods into healthy options we actually want to eat

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You want to lose weight, your doctor says you need to cut out certain foods, you decide you want to become a healthier happier you... what ever the reason you have decided to change the way you have been eating and the task seems so unappealing you dread meal times or settle right back in your old ways. Sticking to your new ways of eating is going to require some guidance and creativity.

For every 100 people who start a "diet" only 1 (one) will continue to follow the same plan longer than 5 years. Wow, those are horrible odds. What's the point?

The top ways "diets" fail:
-"Diets" don't take into account your personal tastes & preferences
-Eliminating entire food groups (carbohydrates) will eventually backfire
-Not eating enough daily calories will eventually lead to binging
-Severe food restrictions cause real hunger
-Long-term weight loss needs to be fat cells & you can only lose those at a rate of 0.5-2 lbs a week. All other pounds loss are things you need (water, muscle, organ tissue, blood volume, etc.) that you will gain back.
-Can be harmful toward your long term health

Starting a "diet" is rarely recommended for long-term benefits. If you want to see long-term results it is best to make lifestyle changes you can and are willing to live with for the rest of your life... yes that means forever & if you are cringing at that very thought you are not considering the right changes for long-term success.

Some Suggestions
-Write down a list of your favorite foods and consider changing brands to reduce calories or use healthier ingredients
-If you can't eat your favorite dessert or salty snack anymore you need to seriously sit down and find a suitable replacement that gives you that same feeling or satisfaction
-Separate all your foods into single servings and eat one serving at a time drinking water in between snacks or meals
-Find a hobby that keeps your hands and mind occupied enough to avoid mindless eating

Change is rarely easy. When it comes to the food you eat and crave it takes a new way of thinking and changes you can live with and be happy with for the rest of your life. Enjoying this life is possible even when eating healthy and enjoying what you eat.


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